Monday, January 12, 2015

watch out, watches!

masa. perkara yang terpenting dalam kehidupan seharian manusia. kadang kadang, bagi aku, 24 jam dalam sehari tu tak cukup pun untuk aku bereskan semua yang aku patut dan perlu buat dalam sehari tu, kadang kadang plak rasa cam "alammaaaa~ lamanya nak tunggu  masa nie berlalu". contohnya bila aku nak cepat cepat kuliah habis. wahaha. eh, tapi tu dulu. hokay~ hikhik but now, rindu masa masa tu. hukhuk T_T

that's why people need to manage the time wisely because time will never be able to come back to us as we wished for. and, in order for us to manage time, people need at least a watch so that they would able to see the time correctly, without just guessing the time only. 

untuk aku, aku memang ada watch sendiri start aku berumur 7 tahun, birthday present from my eldest sister. watch tu ada gambar tweety and bertali getah. aku suka dan sayang watch tu sebab dia cute dengan fancy colours nya. *mengimbau sangat~ wahaha

since then, aku memang tak pernah tak ada jam tangan sebab aku rasa tak selesa bila tangan kosong without any watch on it. macam macam jenis bentuk jam dan tali jam yang aku pernah pakai. ada yang orang bagi, ada yang aku beli sendiri. dari yang macam bebudak, sampai la cam orang dah berkerjaya aku pernah miliki. sekarang, aku ada jam tangan yang berbentuk square berwarna emas dan bertali kulit. yes, the variety factors of choosing a watch depends on the needs and wants actually. and, sebab tu la producer jam tangan selalunya akan hasilkan bermacam jenis jam mengikut kesesuaian si pemakai - age, gender, activities and personality. for example, a woman which wear a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, got 3 types of watches that she can wear with that attire. 

There are 3 types of watch designs that every woman should purchase as it can be matched even with a simple t-shirt. The first watch which woman can flaunt with their plain tees is the stainless steel watches whether a gold or silver one. The stainless steel watches will definitely be perfect for women who want to appear sophisticated and classy in an effortless way. It also shows to others that you have charisma and a sense of maturity in your personality.

stainless steel watch

leather-type watch
Apart from that, woman can also opt for a classic leather strap watch to wear with their t-shirts. The leather strap watch has a very simple yet elegant touch in them which makes it perfect to be worn to any occasions. It also blends perfectly well together with your t-shirt and sets a nice casual appearance. Whether you match the t-shirt with jeans, shorts or even skirts, the leather strap watches are never going to look out of place.

stylish watch offered by ZALORA
Besides that, women should also have at least one piece of statement watch in their collection at home. The statement watches are suitable for women who want to create a fun element in their personal style. Statement watches also makes a woman appear easy going and easier to approach. Be creative and have fun styling it all around town with attitude.

If you are looking for these three fascinating watch designs, check out ZALORA as they offer a wide range of watches online for women from various well-known brands. Jom, sama sama usha website ZALORA Malaysia. Kalau rasa cam tak nak beli watch, boleh usha produk lain gak tau. hikhikhik.

*nk log out dah, sebab nk fokus usha jam tangan di ZALORA! nampak menarik watches kat situ. hahaha~  

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