Monday, May 27, 2013



hi.hi.hi.salam sayang sweeties sekalian. hari nie lepas i godek-godek gambar-gambar i yang few years backwards, i rasa macam-macam perasaan. perasaan-perasaan yang bercampur-gaul dengan molek sekali. ewahhh. HAHA.

it's true,babe. they mixed up till i felt that i need to stop looking at those pictures anymore. maybe i really thought that those memories will come and haunt me again. i don't want it to happen. especially memories that had hurt me all these time. i need to move on and live happily with my life. focus and focus. HAHA

sometimes, honestly i really hate memories but sometimes, i am glad to have those memories as they will teach me how to have a wonderful life. memories also taught me how to make decisions, choose my best pathway of life. they also taught me how to grow up, be a smart sweet girl. maaf,poyo plak. HAHA.

ok lah, tak mau cakap banyak-banyak. kat bawah nie i ada copy paste some quotes of memory that might help you girls have a better understanding about memory, especially those who had negative thinking of memory.

damn. it's really hurt.

masa sedih, mesti cakap camnie,kan?HAHA

"tell me why.lalala"
be the best one. :)

yeah, move on.

memories vs. dreams

learn how to accept.that's it.

memories could be a good ones that will always make us smile each time thinking about it, but it also may be an evil-bad-naughty that will always make our tears drop down. as for me, yes. we need both good and bad memories and they are good for us, actually as long as we are able to think about them positively.

yeah, babe. be strong to think POSITIVELY and they will turn into a good thing for us. InsyaAllah.

believe me. it's all about Allah's will. :)

that's all for now. creepy plak stay kat office masa-masa nie. HAHA. thanks for reading this. bye. :)


mc dreamy said...

memories sucks..
however life is too short to look back and regret. na na na na na na come and get it---iklan lagu mek selena.

nur wahida said...

yeah,life is too short.
take a deep breath, smile and move on. :)